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Jesus Storybook Bible
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Jesus Storybook Bible

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by Sally Lloyd-Jones


The Book of Jesus through the Bible tells many stories in the Bible, from Noah to Moses and Up to the great King David. Each story points to a child. Is the one that everything is expected to depend entirely on that person ... and there are many stories Also in the Bible, but all of them are one big story. In this one story is the expression of God's love for His children and His way of salvation. He went to them too. The Book of Jesus through the Bible itself will guide children in their own exploration of the individual. That person is at the heart of God's great salvation — and at the center of their lives. Well. The Bible is not a book of the law or a book about the brave. Everything in the Bible is a story, and at the heart of it all Tell about a baby. Every story in the Bible is whispered about His name.


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